Artificial intelligence bias is a danger to many systems we are growing dependent upon. A tool is only as useful as the craftsman wielding it. In a more modern sense, our algorithms are only as good as the programmers who wrote the code, and the database they can pull from. Think about the data that you feed your HR Information System. If bad data goes in, then what comes out?

This is critical to consider when evaluating whether or not we can trust an Artificial Intelligence tool. Some systems are better built than others, and some aren’t worth your trust because they can’t be relied upon.
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AI for HR

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Course Duration: 1 hr 3 mins
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits: 1.0
  • HRCI General Recertification Credits: 1.0
  • Certificate of Completion (after passing quiz)

“Artificial Intelligence”. The phrase typically brings to mind popular characters from Hollywood films, however the reality is that we are already using AI in our everyday lives. Just about every smart device, app, and internet-connected service is using some form of AI to make your life or work a little bit easier or more efficient.
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Hosted By: HR Jetpack
When: Friday, March 16, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM
Registration Fees: Free

Artificial Intelligence Webinar: “How Will It Impact Your Workforce?”

Artificial Intelligence is the beating heart of life in the 21st century. Just about every smart device, app, and internet-connected service is using some form of AI to make your life or work a little bit easier or more efficient.

Join this interactive one hour, live session which will provide you, the HR Pro, with the information necessary to understand what AI is and how it will impact your function as well as your business. Also, it’s important to note, the class has been approved for 1 SHRM instructor-led recertification credit and 1 HRCI general recertification credit.

The rapid evolution of technology is going to bring many challenges to the business community. HR will be elevated into more of a leadership role than ever before and it is critical that you are well informed about the issues of the day, especially the way that AI will impact your workforce.

Note: The information in this course should be used as a guide. Always check with your IT department before implementing any changes to ensure it aligns with their directives and remains compliant with appropriate laws.

Cryptojacking 101

Cryptojacking is a website or app taking over your device and using its excess resources to mine cryptocurrency. There are examples of this happening right now in the wild (both with and without the “victim’s” consent or knowledge). Currently, this is most commonly happening via JavaScript code running in websites which are able to discretely tap into the user’s excess computing power to mine Monero. The net effect is that the user’s computer uses lots of excess power, costing them money and draining their battery quickly if they are on a laptop, all while making the distributor of the code a small amount of digital currency. If the perpetrator can distribute the code to enough users, it is possible that they could make a significant sum over time.
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