Overview of the Yahoo Hack

Yahoo has disclosed that 1 billion user accounts were compromised in August 2013. This is a separate incident from the previous disclosure in September 2016 of 500 million accounts breached in 2014. The compromised data includes:

  • Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Dates of Birth
  • Hashed Passwords
  • Encrypted or Unencrypted Security Questions and Answers

When considering a breach like this, one of the first things to consider is: “Is the damage contained to this service?”.

When a company loses factual data about who you are, it can aid someone trying to steal your identity. Security questions are something that give many people a false sense of security while undermining their ability to protect themselves from identity theft.
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When I first meet a prospective client and analyze their website, I look at a few key factors. One of the most important is which company is providing the hosting service, and specifically what does that plan offer?

I work mostly with WordPress-based websites, and that content management system is built on the PHP programming language. So naturally, determining which version of PHP is running on a client’s hosting account is a significant detail. I’m going to do my best to outline just what is so important about PHP, and why using an old version can be so costly. Read More

Cybersecurity for HR Pros

Christina A. Danforth interviews our most recent instructor Michael Wilson about current cybersecurity threats. To learn more sign up for Cybersecurity for HR Professionals: http://www.hrjetpack.com/courses/cybersecurity-17

Posted by HR Jetpack on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christina Danforth of HR Jetpack invited me to join her this morning for a Facebook Live Chat about the WannaCry Ransomware. During our 15 minute conversation, I offered a bit of the history to explain where this malware came from. We also talked about what business leaders need to do to keep themselves safe and secure in these crazy times we live.

I apologize for the poor quality of the video. It seems that the audio and video weren’t got out of sync on their way through Facebook Live. Having said that, I do hope you will listen because I’m really happy with the amount of information we were able to share during the chat.

If you find this useful or informative then please check out my course on HR Jetpack: Cybersecurity 101 for HR Pros. It was developed with HR in mind, but the material is applicable to anyone who would like to be safer and more secure in their use of modern technology.

Facebook Mobile

Photo Credit: geralt via Pixabay

Beware of Fake Facebook Accounts

Not As They Seem

Recently I have helped several friends and colleagues deal with a scary Facebook scheme. The first email from them always starts with concern because their friends are getting friend requests from them on Facebook. It is a huge red flag because they are already connected as friends, and they sent no such requests. Many people assume, incorrectly, that their account has been hacked.

The real cause is often that someone (or an automated bot) has made a new account in that person’s name. They even copy the profile picture and banner photo. After closer inspection, the imposter’s account is clearly fake. It doesn’t display the history of posts, pictures, and other personal information. It is just a shell. The goal is simply to become friends with as many of your real friends as possible, presumably for data mining. Most people see a name and face in the friend request and accept it without questioning or investigating first.
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